How do you prevent a roofer from ripping you off when your roof has storm damage?

The sign of a professional roofing company

After a major storm in Baltimore, there’s usually sudden demand for roofing repairs.

Often there’s more demand than local roofers can meet.  When demand exceeds supply, it attracts out of town opportunists looking for a quick buck.

The signs are easy to spot. They arrive unannounced and go from door to door offering their roofing repair services. And they don’t look or dress professionally.Their vehicles probably have out of town plates and no MHIC certification. Chances are, they’re going to vanish from Baltimore as quickly as they arrived.

When you ask them questions they are vague.  When you ask for an estimate, they are evasive.

Sometimes roof damage requires a fast response and you may feel pressured to award an unqualified roofer the job.  Before you hire any roofing company, make sure they can answer YES to all of these questions:

  • Does the roofing have a physical location in the Baltimore area?
  • Is their MHIC certification current?
  • Do they have a HAAG qualified roof inspector?
  • Will they work with your insurance provider?
  • Can they provide references?
  • Will they provide a free evaluation and written estimate?

Replacing the roof is one of the most important decisions you will make. Talk to several roofers and check their references, reviews and reputation carefully.


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