Hail damaged Roof? Why repair it when you can replace it at no extra charge?

It takes a trained inspector to detect hail damage.

Extreme weather events are becoming ever more frequent in the Baltimore and throughout Maryland Area. We’ve seen 7 in the last 6 years (including several this year) and often times the result is extensive roof damage. 

Hail damages the outer surface of your roof and over time the granules embedded in the shingles loosen, resulting in erosion and ultimately leaks in the roof. High winds dislodge and blow shingles off the roof. A few missing shingles may seem inconsequential, but ultimately that will cause leaks too, as well as the possibility of dry rot to the plywood sheathing directly below the roofing.

If your shingle roof is damaged, you face a big decision:  Replace or repair?

The answer is easier than you think. Repairing a damaged roof is a temporary fix. No matter how well the roof is repaired, you have no guarantee that it won’t leak again and cause substantial damage over time.

Here’s the good news. Maryland Building Code protects your right to replace your roof.

If your roof is damaged in a storm, the Maryland Building Code protects you. Simply put, it requires that replacement shingles match the original shingles and prohibits the use of mismatched shingles. Over time, your shingles fade, so matching the faded with the new shingles is close to impossible.

Ignore potential hail damage now and you’ll pay later.

Your roofing contractor should know this, as should your insurance adjustor. Even so, your roofing contractor may not offer you the option of replacement. Why? They may be unfamiliar with Maryland law and don’t know how to advocate on your behalf with your insurance company.

At Crown Remodeling, we have an in-house, certified insurance adjustor who’s intimately familiar with Maryland Code and Insurance law. They know the fine print and they go to bat for our customers. And they win every case they contest.

So, if your roof is damaged, Call Crown Remodeling. We’ll replace your roof and guarantee our workmanship and materials for life. That’s a pretty good deal, considering that all you’ll have to pay is your deductible.


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