Are Freak Storms Becoming Frequent Storms?

On April 22, Maryland suburbs were hit by what meteorologists have described as a freak storm.

Doppler radar recorded more than 36 hailstorms in the Baltimore Area since 2016.

The headline in the Washington Post says it all; “Surprise supercell storm unleashes onslaught of hail.”

The storm was notable for it’s 50 mile an hour wind sheer and massive hailstones. Freakish conditions to be sure, but storms like this are making headlines more frequently. In the last two years Maryland has been hit by a massive storm that caused flooding, damaging 60 mph winds, golf ball sized hail. In the last year alone, Doppler radar has detected hail at or near Baltimore, MD on 36 occasions.

Problem is, these storms wreak havoc long after the hail melts. The hail stones we’ve seen are large enough to bruise the fiberglass surface of your roof’s shingles. Over time, the protective surface erodes and the roof springs a leak.

It gets more complicated. Like a hail storm, a leak is not an isolated incident. It compromises your entire roofing system, which means you’ll need to replace your entire roof.

If you’ve had a severe hail or wind storm in the last two years, you owe it to yourself to get your roof checked out. Why? You insurance will cover the cost of a new roof (excluding your deductible) Sounds too good to be true? Maryland’s Building Code has a clause that protects your right to replace rather than repair.

Last year’s hailstorm could be this year’s ceiling leak.

At Crown Remodeling we have our own in-house insurance adjustor who’s as familiar with the law as your insurance company and he’ll advocate on your behalf. We’ll ensure that you get the settlement you deserve.

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and spare you the inconvenience of replacing your roof at your own expense. You’ll also have the peace of mind of a new roof that comes with Crown’s Lifetime Labor Warranty.


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