Roof Damage VS. Car Damage

Hailed Car

Insurance may not cover hail damage to your car, but it will cover damage to your roof.

If your car has been dinged by hail, it’s pretty certain that your roof is damaged too.

While it’s easy to notice hail damage to your car, it’s not so easy on your roof. Sure you can climb up and inspect the roof, but even then you probably won’t spot the damage. That takes a trained eye. And unlike hail damage to your car, roof damage from hail is destructive and permanent.

Here’s the good news. While your car insurance might not cover hail damage, your homeowner’s insurance guarantees you the right to replace your roof. Completely.

At no cost to you. All you cover is the deductible. What’s more, your insurance cannot be cancelled and your rates won’t increase.

So, your best bet is to call Crown Remodeling for a FREE DAMAGE INSPECTION now. Our HAAG certified inspectors will immediately spot any hail or wind damage. And our in-house insurance assessor will advocate on your behalf with your insurance company to ensure you receive the coverage you’re entitled to.

Leaky Roof

Ignore hail damage to your roof and eventually you’ll get a reminder.

Call us and we’ll turn the storm damage into a windfall.

A new roof is worth upwards of $10,000. It adds curb appeal and increases the value of your home. And when it’s installed by Crown Remodeling, your new roof will come with a lifetime labor warranty. You have nothing to lose if you call us now. Delay until later and sooner or later the roof damage will show up inside your home.


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