Allegany County is Getting Ready for Hurricane Season. Are You?

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Whenever there’s a hurricane, news cameras always focus on the coastal effects, but hurricanes have affected areas as far afield as Western Maryland Counties.

Given the record, everyone in Maryland should be mindful of hurricane awareness week. Hurricane season begins in June and is most intense mid-August to October. High winds, heavy rains and flooding can cause devastating damage and it’s well worth planning ahead. Governor Hogan has warned Maryland to develop a preparedness plan that includes some commonsense tips:

  • Build an emergency supply kit and develop a family emergency and communications plan.
  • Stay tuned to trusted sources such as the National Weather Service and local broadcasters for official updates.
  • Keep a battery-operated radio on hand to stay informed during power outages.
  • Follow official emergency instructions and quickly heed evacuation directives.
  • Stay indoors away from windows.
  • Monitor NWS flood warnings for your area and be prepared to seek higher ground.
  • Fill a bathtub or containers with water to facilitate cleaning and flushing toilets.
  • Charge devices before bad weather hits and consider keeping a charger in your car.

Hurricanes leave a trail of damage in their wake. If a 50 mph wind can permanently damage your home’s siding, windows and roof, imagine what 150 mph hour winds can do.

If your home is hit by the effects of a hurricane, there may be visible damage. But in some instances it’s not immediately noticeable.Which is why you want to get your roof checked out by a professional as soon as the storm has passed.

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