Seven ways to take deck and patio remodel from acceptable to exceptional.

Any deck contractor worth his salt can build, repair or remodel a deck. We believe it takes more than the basics to get it perfect. Here’s how we get to ‘perfect’.

1. Start with a solid foundation. Maryland Building Code calls for a solid foundation.
When we build a deck, we use pressure treated lumber to resist dry rot and ensure a long life, and we set support posts in concrete to ensure a stable foundation. Skip this step and you may end up with a deck that’s unstable and dangerous.

2.Don’t just settle for regulation code. Remodeling doesn’t call for an inspection, but we apply our own “best practices.”.  You may notice that the original posts have split over time. If we don’t feel they are secure, we add additional supports for safety and longevity.

3. Choose your decking material wisely. We believe that replacing traditional wood with Trex composite material Is a smart move. Wood provides a warm, traditional and organic look,  but it’s susceptible to the elements, and requires regular upkeep to maintain durability and aesthetics.

Here’s an example of wooden decking we replaced after just ten years. Notice how the boards have curled and split. Sanding and sealing may have increased the life of the deck, but ultimately it was bound to wear out.

That’s why we’re switching to a Trex composite that blends synthetic materials with recycled timber. It’s stable, durable and presents an authentic wooden look that’s splinter-proof and slip-proof.  Cleaning is simple too. Turn a hose on the deck and simply let if dry.

4. Forget about screws and nails. Other deck builders use screws and nails that can be unsightly and unsafe. We use hidden fasteners that secure the deck from the bottom. A solution that’s as secure as it is invisible, with no protruding metal that can rust or cut you.

5. Keep out unwanted guests. Nothing spoils your outdoor time like wasps and bees that nest under the deck and climb through the gaps between the decking. To solve this problem, we install the decking over a fine mesh material that repels the tiniest insects while still allowing the deck to breathe.

6. Merge your patio addition seamlessly with your home.

You want your new enclosed patio to look like an integral part of your home, not an afterthought.

So we’ve matched the roofing on the patio with the original shingle on the roof for seamless integration. We’ve  opted for an open look that’s enhanced with tongue in groove roofing. It provides a sophisticated, smart look that’s durable and keeps out the elements, adding to the protection provided by the roofing materials.

7. Don’t settle for a screen material that’s easily punctured. Your patio screen should allow comfortable air-flow while keeping insects out. Commonly used deck screens have been susceptible to punctures. We’ve replaced the standard metal mesh that deteriorates and rusts with a material fashioned from tough, unbreakable fishing twine that’s many times stronger than conventional metal mesh

If you’re thinking of building a new deck or patio, or remodeling an existing deck, you can rely on Crown to sweat the details that take your deck from acceptable to exceptional. Call Crown for a Free, no-obligation estimate.


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