Egress Windows – Don’t Skip this Life or Death Remodel

egress window

Today’s basements are amazing places, full of possibilities. Man caves, playrooms, kids’ bedrooms, bathrooms, even wet bars or kitchens are all possible in a properly constructed basement. But what happens if God forbid, there is an emergency in your home? What if there is a fire and you cannot escape up the stairs? What if there is an intruder upstairs … Read More

All About Roof Flashing Repair

roof flashing repair

There are many parts of a roofing system. Each of these parts has a specific role in making sure that the roof over your home can provide the impenetrable protection that your home needs. One crucial aspect of an effective roofing system is roof flashing. Keep reading to learn more about roof flashing repair. What is Roof Flashing? Roof flashing … Read More

Types of Roofs for Houses

types of roofs for houses

Many different materials can be used for a roof. The material that works best for your house will depend on a variety of factors including, the climate, your budget, the style of house, and your personal preference. When it’s time to have your roof replaced, call Crown Remodeling in Maryland for a free roofing consultation. Crown Remodeling is your premier … Read More