Window Screen Repair

in Baltimore Maryland

Window screens and screen doors are perfect additions to any home. Not only can you let the cool breezes in, while keeping the bugs out, but they also add an extra layer of protection to your home. They are also the most likely part of your home to sustain damage from hail storms, wind storms or life's little storms. That is why Crown Remodeling now offers window screen repair and screen door repair as a standalone service.

Is it easy to have my screens repaired?

Yes! Most people would rather live with a broken or torn screen than have it repaired only because they do not realize how easy the process is. All you need to do is call us. We will come to your home, remove your damaged screens and take them back to our shop. The magic takes place in our in-house repair shop where highly qualified professionals repair your window screens or screen doors using high-quality materials and best repair practices. Once they are finished, we will bring your screens back to your home and replace them in your windows or on your doors for free.

Should I replace my screen rather than have it repaired?

So many people think that once their screen is broken, they have to replace it. Replacing a window screen tends to be a time consuming and tedious process. Since no two windows are alike in measurements, each window screen must be custom made to fit your window. Measuring the opening, waiting for a replacement and then putting the new screen in place is often more work than the traditional homeowner wants to put into something so simple. Replacing a window screen or a screen door is also a lot more expensive than having your existing screen repaired. Whether your screen is damaged by a Maryland storm or damaged because of your children, we can repair it and put it back into place faster, easier and cheaper than you can replace it.

How much does window screen repair cost?

The typical window screen repair can be done for less than $30, installed. Screen doors can be repaired for less than $50. We will come to your home, remove the damaged screens, take them to our workshop to be repaired and have them back on your home, typically in a week. There are no hidden fees, no additional labor costs and no charge for replacing the window screens in your windows, even if they are 20 feet in the air. Best of all, for every ten screens that we repair in a single order, the 11th one is on us.

There has never been a better time to have your damaged screens repaired than now. Not only will we work with your insurance company to repair your home after a storm, but we can also repair window screens and screen doors that are damaged as a part of life. Call Crown Remodeling today and start enjoying beautiful, new screens in less time than you can believe, for less money than you think.