4 Handyman Services That Shouldn’t Wait until Spring

Handyman Services that Shouldn't Wait Until Spring

Winter storms and colder temperatures mean spending more time indoors. Suddenly you cannot escape that leaky faucet, wobbly toilet, drab paint, or squeaking garage door. Too often we forget that cold winter months are the perfect time to perform general maintenance on your home. Spring and summer months are busy times for the typical general contractor and jobs take longer to complete, often at a higher cost. Why not take advantage of slower months for renovation to tackle your honey do list and enjoy your home from the inside? These four services are ideal to perform now, while the thermometer hovers near freezing.

Minor plumbing problems

Leaky faucets, pipes that freeze, slow drains, hot water that runs out too fast, and changes in water pressure throughout your home are ideal winter projects for a qualified handyman. Whether your drain simply needs to be snaked or you want a toilet installed, a handyman can tackle nearly any minor plumbing problem you throw at him. When you use the handyman services at Crown Remodeling, you have the added protection of experience. If your minor plumbing problem turns into a major issue, our general contractor can walk you through the process of correcting the problem and leaving your home better than when they found it.

Patching and Painting

Tired of looking at the hole in the wall where your dear child opened the door too quickly? Our handyman can have it patched as good as new in no time. Paint color have you feeling a little blue? We can tackle that too. Although paint requires a certain temperature to cure properly, this can easily be achieved with during winter months. Best of all, a fresh coat of paint will improve your outlook as you stare at those four walls on snow days.


Nothing updates your home faster than new light fixtures and there is no better time than winter to shed a little light in the dark corners of your home. Unfortunately, anytime you deal with electricity, you are also risking life and limb. A handyman can install your new light fixtures, add dimmer switches, change switch plates, and even change lightbulbs to give your home a brighter feeling.

Garage Door Maintenance

We all take our garage doors for granted until they are no longer working. Even if they still go up and down, are you tired of announcing your arrival and departure to the entire neighborhood? Winter is the perfect time to perform a little routine maintenance on your garage door. A handyman can lubricate the track, replace the wheels, and maintain the lift cable to keep your garage door going up and down (silently) all year long. With Crown Remodeling handyman services, our professionals can also install insulated garage doors to help save on energy costs.

Don’t wait until spring to spruce up your home. Call Crown Remodeling today and enlist the help of a qualified, experienced handyman for your home improvement project.

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