Winter Siding Maintenance Tips

Winter Siding Maintenance Tips

Why is It Important to Maintain One’s Siding?

The siding on our houses oftentimes goes neglected. We forget about the importance of siding and how it protects our home. Siding is a deterrent against the elements and failure to take care of it regularly can result in costly repairs down the line. Siding is also a key factor in preventing energy from escaping your home and can keep our electric bills at a manageable level. Winter is an incredibly harsh time of year and your siding will need extra maintenance to keep it functioning right. Fortunately, we are general contractors who know home tips that can help you keep your siding looking great this winter.

What Are The Different Types of Materials Used for Siding?

Though there are a variety of siding materials available on the market, let’s take a look at some of the most common ones that people use.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an incredibly durable material that comes in a variety of textures and colors. Scratches hardly show up on vinyl due to the color being used throughout the material. The material is lightweight and versatile and can oftentimes be installed over existing materials. It is an incredibly cost-efficient method of siding.

Wood Siding

Other materials simply cannot present the charm that a sophisticated wood siding can provide us. Wood siding is oftentimes used for premium renovation projects and comes in many species and grades. Wood is incredibly easy to cut and place onto your house. However, it should be noted that wood siding is generally more expensive than vinyl siding. Fortunately, you will most certainly get the bang for your buck if you choose this option.

How Should You Maintain These Types of Sidings?

Exterior maintenance is key to keeping your siding in good shape over time. The elements can cause the damage and neglect will lead to costly repairs later. However, during the winter time moisture is your worst enemy. You will take whatever measures you can to prevent moisture buildup in your siding. Let’s take a look at some maintenance tips that you can follow.


  • Vinyl siding can still crack and/or puncture due to the cold. Be sure to inspect regularly to take action if there is a crack.
  • Make sure to check and perform maintenance to your vinyl siding after every major storm you experience.
  • Make sure to clean it once a year with proper cleaning materials to keep it looking great.


  • You will need to paint the siding of your house every 5 years or you will see the color deteriorate.
  • Inspect for cracks to prevent moisture from entering your home. This can cause the siding to mold and rot.
  • Staining helps prevent the buildup of moisture on your wood siding. You will want to do this regularly to prevent the buildup of moisture in the wood.

Let us Help You

If you are looking for a general contractor who has your back, we’re the ones you need to call. Crown Remodeling LLC has the right resources available to help you whenever your siding needs the right maintenance. Our team of experts is available at your convenience to get the siding of your house back in shape. Give us a call today to schedule your professional consultation.

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