Matchy-Matchy: Choosing Shingle Colors for Your New Roof

shingle colors

Homeowners spend countless hours selecting paint colors for their homes. If interior (and exterior) design is your thing, you may feel it’s time well spent. Will you spend the same amount of time choosing the color of your new roof?

It’s not necessary.

Read our tips for choosing shingle colors. You want to love your new roof color as much as you love those your new wall paint colors.

Talk to Your HOA

If you live in a community governed by a homeowner association (HOA), make sure you understand the rules about roof color.

Find your CC&Rs—covenants, conditions, and restrictions. Most HOAs include this in the binder they give to new residents. Read the section on property restrictions for information on what is acceptable in your community.

Next, drop in at the property management office for your community. This way you can discuss any revisions you may not have in your binder.

Do this before you fall in love with shingle colors or have your roofing contractor place your order.

Think About Curb Appeal

Real estate professionals often talk about curb appeal when selling a home. Whether you’re staying in your home for the long-term or preparing to sell, curb appeal matters. The color (and condition) of the roof is part of your home’s curb appeal.

Choose a neutral color and keep your home looking current. If you want your house to stand out in the neighborhood, select a striking color such as terra cotta. A multi-colored shingle can also create a distinguishing look for your home.

When you select the best roof color, you increase the curb appeal and the value of your home.

What Color Is Your House?

When you look at shingles, choose a color that works well with the color of your home’s exterior.

If you have a brown, tan, or cream-colored exterior, select a shade in the same color family. The goal is to complement, not match the exterior color.

If you chose white paint or siding and prefer a traditional look, choose black or dark gray shingles.

What about yellow or green exteriors? Those colors allow a bit of flexibility when selecting shingles. Depending on the shade, black, gray, or brown can all complement yellow, green, and even red exteriors.

When you find the best roofing company, look at the swatches on their website but also ask for them to bring you samples. Hold the samples up to your home’s exterior.

While you may fall in love with certain roof shingle colors online, make sure you see what they’ll look like on your home.

Ready for a New Roof?

New roofs aren’t like new appliances or wall colors. You won’t buy a new roof every few years. That’s why getting the color right the first time makes the difference between a roof you love and one you avoid looking at.

Shingle colors must work with your home’s exterior color, your own personal preferences, and your neighborhood.

If you’re ready for a new roof, contact us today so we can get started on your project!

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