Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Roof Insurance Claims

roof insurance claims

The average roof lasts a minimum of 10-12 years. However, certain factors can decrease the lifespan of your roof.

Storms and natural disasters are a perfect example. In case a storm blows through and damages occur, roofing insurance will help support you through a roofing replacement and can save you thousands of dollars.

To ensure you get the most from your insurance, you need to take care when filing your claim.

Any mistakes can jeopardize your chances of an approved claim. But what are some of these mistakes? Here are common mistakes homeowners make when they file roof insurance claims.

Knowing the Covered Roofing Materials Before Signing the Contract

Some roofing insurance companies only cover roofs made of a certain material. This includes recycled shakes, slate, or any eco-friendly materials. These materials come with extra costs as well as extra maintenance costs.

Before agreeing to a roofing insurance policy, beyond filing the claim, ensure the policy covers your roofing material. This is especially vital if you’ll need a roof replacement.

Didn’t Maintain the Roof

While certain disasters such as hail can compromise even a healthy roof, maintenance can impact a roof’s strength during times of peril.

If your roof was improperly maintained, there’s a chance the insurance company won’t accept your policy.

For example, let’s say your roof showed signs of water damage for years.

Then, if a major storm blows through and severely damages your roof, you’ll likely need a new roof.

However, don’t be surprised if the insurance company inspects your roof and finds the damage could have been avoided with proper roofing maintenance.

You Filed a Claim for an Old Roof

Roofing insurance won’t help you out much. Most policies won’t cover roofs over 20 years of age.

What if you had recent work done to your roof, such as new shingles? You’ll want to ask the insurance company. While some may view this recent work as an exception, others focus on when the roof as a whole was installed.

You Asked for a Replacement

This mistake depends on your policy. Some policies only cover repairs and not full replacements. And even with that being said, some policies may not cover extensive repairs.

Understand your policy before filing a claim. If you need a full replacement, check your policy to see if the insurance company will cover it.

File Roof Insurance Claims for a New Roof

Did a disaster strike and now you need a new roof?

If you have roofing insurance, you can file roof insurance claims and the insurance company can cover the cost of the replacement. But know the common mistakes other homeowners make before filing your claim.

For example, some claims only cover repairs and not replacements. Others have stricter requirements, such as your roof being made of a certain material.

Do you need a new roof but have insurance? If you need to file a claim but are unsure how, we can help you convince your insurance to accept your claim. Read our step-by-step guide.

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