Top Secret Tips from Painting & Molding Pros

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It’s amazing what a difference a little paint can make. Add shoe molding, and crown molding and a dark, dingy room can be transformed into a bright, beautiful space. But before you pick up the paint brush and get started, don’t forget these top secret tips from painting and molding pros for the best possible finish to your interior remodeling project.

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1. Start with a clean surface.

For some reason, people think that cleaning the walls prepped for painting is an unnecessary step. While paint will cover your child’s artistry, it will not cover dirt, dust, debris, or many imperfections in your walls. Paint sticks to clean surfaces much easier than it sticks to those that are covered with dirt, dust or wallpaper adhesive. Even paint that is flaking or cracked will peel away from the wall if you try to simply paint over it, wasting time and money in the long run. Lightly sand or scrape areas that are peeling and then wash the wall before beginning for the best possible outcome. In fact, the same process applies regardless of the surface you intend to paint. From cement floors to metal surfaces, taking the time to clean the surface will dramatically improve the outcome.

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2. Paint will not cover dings, holes or cracks.

Paint will only appear as perfect as the wall it is applied to. Even high-quality paint cannot make a wall appear smooth that has warped nor can it fill in nail holes, dings, or peeling drywall. Spackle, drywall patches or a highly skilled drywall contractor can. Taking the time to make your walls are perfectly smooth will only improve the appearance of your final project. Fill small holes with spackle, allow them to dry and then lightly sand the surface of the spackle to make the area smooth. If you are using drywall patches for larger areas, or your walls need to be smoothed out, be sure to follow the directions on the product or better yet, call a drywall contractor or handyman service that can provide you with a flawless finish, ready for paint. When painting cement, it is vital that you level the surface and address any cracks before attempting to paint. Only then will you be able to achieve the results you are hoping for.

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3. Use clear caulking and painter’s tape for crisp lines.

DIYers the country over have spent hours taping the areas they don’t want painted, painted a room, and then removed the tape only to have bleed through underneath. The simplest way to avoid this is to use clear caulking with painter’s tape to create an invisible, paint-proof barrier between the wall and your tape. This is especially effective on shoe boards and crown molding where the molding may be one color and the wall a contrasting color. Simply tape off the area where you do not want paint, and run a bead of clear, paintable caulking along the edge of the tape. Next, take your finger and press the caulking into the edge of the painter’s tape. Paint the area like you normally would and remove the painter’s tape. You will end up with clean, crisp, professional paint lines every time.

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4. Take your time.

We cannot say this enough. A high-quality, beautiful final paint job takes time. Too many people get impatient and expect to have professional quality results in a single day. Expect to take a day to prepare the walls, fill any holes, sand or scrape any uneven surfaces, and wash the walls. Then, plan on the two coats of paint to take one day each with drying time. Finally, take your time when installing baseboards or crown molding to make sure the pieces are straight, properly prepared and painted. As tempting as it is to rush through painting a room, your results will suffer if you try to skip or hurry through steps in the painting process.

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If all of this sounds like too much work, let the professionals at Crown Remodeling handle your paint job for you. Our decades of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us Maryland’s go-to contractors for paint jobs big and small. Call today for your consultation and discover the Crown Remodeling difference.

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