Stucco to Siding: A Transformation You Have to See to Believe

stucco siding

Pull up to a house and what is the first thing you notice? Is it the landscaping? The condition of the front porch or is it how great the house looks overall?

One of the most dramatic changes you can make to the exterior of your home is the type of materials used on the outside. One Crown Remodeling client wanted to do just that when they asked us to remove the stucco from the non-brick surfaces and replace it with vinyl siding. What resulted was a vast improvement to the curb appeal and an increase in the home’s energy efficiency.

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What is Stucco?

Stucco is a building material made up of aggregates, usually cement and lime or Portland cement, a binder, generally silica, and water. When combined in the right proportion, this wet material hardens into a dense coating on the walls of a home. But the practice of mixing this type of compound and using it in architecture is not new. Historically, stucco has also been used both as a building material and a way of beautifying ancient buildings. Artists and sculptors would apply stucco to the walls and ceilings of a building and then create decorative details with sculpting tools. Many of the historical buildings in Europe and the Middle East have breathtaking stucco work that dates back to the 1600s. Today, stucco is often used to cover less attractive materials on a home’s exterior or create a weatherproof barrier for wood building materials. It is strong and durable but can its colors fade over time necessitating regular painting to keep it looking fresh. Stucco can also crack and chip, leaving a home looking dated and worn.

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What is Vinyl Siding?

In recent years, vinyl siding has become the outer covering of choice for many homes for its durability, fade-resistance, and variety of color choices. Often designed to look like clapboard, vinyl siding is made from PVC resin and usually includes a built-in insulation layer that increases the energy efficiency of the home. To apply vinyl siding to a home, you must first remove the exterior coatings and prepare the surface. The area where the siding is being applied is wrapped with a double layer of insulating wrap before the siding is installed on the house. Finally, trim pieces are put in place that finishes the look of the siding leaving it clean, safe from the elements and more energy efficient than before. Once it is installed, vinyl siding only needs to be washed with a mild soap and regular hose to keep it looking great.

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Which Should I Choose – Stucco or Vinyl Siding?

The answer is up to you.

Stucco is usually more expensive to install than vinyl siding because of the labor involved in making sure the product is properly mixed, placed and painted. Vinyl siding is manufactured to your specifications of color, slat size, and thickness and can be quickly installed once the exterior walls of your home are prepared. Both stucco and vinyl siding adds a layer of protection to your home against the elements and further insulate your home against energy loss. However, the addition of insulating wrap beneath vinyl siding gives it the slight energy efficiency edge over stucco. While there vinyl siding requires next to no maintenance, stucco does need to be repainted to provide protection and to keep it looking fresh. Some people truly feel this is where stucco provides a clear advantage. Rather than choosing a siding color and living with it for 30 years, you can choose a new paint color for your home every so often giving it a completely different character.

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In the end, whether you choose to remove the stucco on your home and replace it with vinyl siding like our client did, or remove the vinyl siding from your home and replace it with stucco, Crown Remodeling is the team for the job. We can improve the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home with your new exterior covering. With decades of experience and a commitment to your satisfaction, we believe no job is complete until our client is satisfied with the work. Call us today for a free estimate and to discuss your exterior options.

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