Side to Side: How to Choose the Right Home Siding

home siding

You walk outside and notice that your home siding is starting to bubble and peel a little. This siding hasn’t been replaced since you bought the place years ago, so it is about that time. Now you’re faced with a hard decision. 

What siding are you going to get to replace the current one? You have a ton of options available to you and all have their pros and cons. To help you pick out one that will last you for years to come and look amazing, here is a quick guide on how to choose new home siding.

1. Vinyl

If you have sort of a tight budget than vinyl will be perfect for you. Not only is the material available in most department stores, but it’s also easy to install making it one of the cheapest options out there.

Some people are turned off by the plastic look of it but if you choose the right color and style, it won’t be an issue. 

2. Wood 

If want a siding that will be durable enough to withstand most anything and also make your home look absolutly elegant then wood is the way to go. The only thing about wood is that it’s going to need a little bit of maintenance to keep up this durability. 

If you don’t chalk and stain it on a normal basis then the wood will become susceptible to weather damage, not to mention rodents.

3. Brick

Another siding that’s beautiful and durable is brick. With brick siding comes variety because there are many different textures and sizes that you can choose from. Chances are that your home will look very different from anyone else’s on your street despite brick being so common. 

The downside is that brick takes a lot of labor in order to make it resistant to water damage. This makes it one of the more expensive options on this list. 

4. Fiber-Cement

If you enjoy the look of wood but don’t like the cost, then fiber-cement is a good choice. It can be just as pretty to look at as wood due to its many colors and textures. It also has the added bonus of being completely termite and fire-resistant.

The only snag that you may come across is that many houses built with this material run into moisture problems at some point.  

Choosing a Home Siding That You’ll Love

If your home siding is starting to bubble and crack it may be time for you to replace it. Between the different styles, colors, and durability of the materials, you have a lot to decide from. Use this guide to pick a home siding that will last and make your home look gorgeous. 

Chances are you’re not going to be able to install your siding on your own. Contact us to tell us all about your big home siding project! 

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