Roof Repair: How Long Do Roofs Last and When Do I Need to Replace Mine?

how long do roofs last

Waking up to water dripping on your head isn’t the most pleasant way to start your morning. Whether it’s because of the damage from a recent storm or it’s just been a while since you’ve had your roof replaced, you’re probably wondering “how long do roofs last?” 

Today, we’re here to tell you all about the warning signs that your roof will give you to let you know that it needs to replaced!

How Long Do Roofs Last?

On average, most residential roofs last between 25-30 years. But not all roofs are put through the same wear and tear, so the lifespan of your roof may differ depending on:

  • Your local weather
  • The quality of materials used in the manufacturing of your roof
  • How often you’ve kept up with the need for minor repairs
  • If you’ve had a problem with bugs or rodents
  • If you’ve allowed a lot of snow or leaves to accumulate on your roof 

How to Tell If You Need A New Roof

1. Check for Damage

If you’ve experienced a storm and you’re worried about damage, you should go up and look at the physical condition of your roof.

If your roof is damaged and in need of a replacement, you’ll see that a good portion of your shingles are buckling, cracked, or damaged in some way. You should also take a look at your downspout and gutters– if you notice that there are a lot of loose granules, your roof is in need of a replacement.

2. Mother Nature Decorated Your Roof

As you checked on the physical condition of your roof, you may have noticed that there was moss or algae on your shingles. While this shouldn’t be a reason to cause you to panic, moss and algae growth can cause the physical appearance of your home to become unsightly. 

Extended periods of moss growth can cause your roof to hold excess weight, which could lead to sagging. If a good portion of your roof has been covered in moss, it’s better to get your roof replaced with algae fighting roof shingles.

3. Your Roof Had Its 20th Birthday

If your roof is coming around to its 20th birthday, you should start looking into getting your roof replaced. While a roof can last up to 30 years, your roof serves as protection for your house. You don’t want to risk your roof becoming damaged, resulting in rushed decision making when it comes to your selection of roofing contractors. 

Replacing your roof when it’s right around 20 years old will ensure that your roof is being updated with the most durable shingles that today’s technology can provide!

Put A Roof on It

So, how long do roofs last? Depending on how well you treat your new roof and all of the weathering that it’s going to see, you could get up to 30 years of life out of a roof replacement!

Contact us today if you’re in need of a roof replacement!

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