Love May Open Doors, But Windows Are More Secure than Ever

energy star easy clean windows

The windows in your home are a vital part of its overall appearance. A lot of windows allow natural light into the living spaces. Small windows make the biggest of rooms seem small and cramped. Most people stop at how windows make a room feel and never consider what windows can do for your life.

Conserve Energy

Your home’s windows can be the weatherproof seal against the elements or the drafty portal to the outdoors. Energy efficient vinyl windows have been proven to reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 15 to 20 percent. With proper installation and weather stripping, the savings can amount to even more. At Crown Remodeling, we offer a variety of windows that can even reflect solar energy from outside and protect your floors and furniture from sun damage.

Keep You Safe and Comfortable

Our double-locking vinyl windows are ideal for adding security to your home. But let’s say it is a perfect Spring day in Maryland with 65-degree temperatures. You want to turn off the heater in your home and open the windows, but you also don’t want to leave them open all day while you are at work.

What do you do?

energy star windows security

Best of all, these security tabs are easy to engage. With the press of a button on your window frame, your windows are limited to a small opening. Even if a would-be intruder tries, they will not be able to open the window any further than where the security tabs stop it. You can safely leave your windows open all day and come home to a natural climate controlled house. Security tabs are also an ideal feature for a child’s room, especially if he or she is a budding escape artist. Once engaged, your child can enjoy fresh air without worrying about having them tumble or climb out of the window.

Help You Keep them Sparkling

Tired of climbing ladders to try to clean your exterior windows? Sick of hiring someone to scale your walls and get rid of the season’s dust and dirt? Our windows have made cleaning a snap with a spring release tab.

energy star windows clean

Once released, you can easily use regular window cleaner to clean the outside of your windows then snap them back into place. No more venturing outside, on a ladder, or in a harness dangling from the roof. No more expensive cleaning services. No more death-defying feats.

The windows in your home are not just a means for allowing light into an otherwise dark space, they can be a means for making your home safer, cleaner and more comfortable. Plus, Crown Remodeling backs all of our vinyl windows with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If the neighbor kid throws a baseball through your vinyl pane, we will quickly replace it. Now is the perfect time to invest in your home’s safety and appearance. Call Crown Remodeling for a free estimate today.

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