Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights – The Complete Guide

Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights

Christmas is around the corner, and this is the best time for hanging outdoor Christmas lights to make your home part of the celebrations. Keep in mind that this is the most wonderful time of the year and nothing can make it more exciting than incredible holiday lights. However, to avoid damaging your roof, you need to be extra careful while installing your Christmas lights.

DonIt is essential to know how to hang your lights properly to avoid damaging your shingles which could lead to more expensive roof repairs. Although not all of us have that special talent to make our holiday lighting spectacular, we can make it joyful. Here are some tips to make your Christmas lighting more charming.


The first thing that you need to do is to measure the exact lengths of the various places where you want to hang your lights and make sure that you include the distance to the power source. This will guide you on how to hang Christmas lights and also help with consistency in the colors and also types of lights that you purchase.

While this might seem like a minor issue, we are sure that you don’t want to end up with one half of your home lit up in blue and the other half in red lights. Knowing what you need in advance can save your money, time, and effort.

Plan Your Design

Although holiday decorating may strike suddenly, make sure that you resist the urge to do things without proper planning. Before you start installing your Christmas lights, it is good to take your time and come up with a game plan that will work to your advantage. Don’t just “wing it.”

Pick a focal point where your installation will originate and the right type of lights that you wish to install. You should also consider the suitability of the surface before you start your installation process. Apart from the rooflines and eaves, you can also install your holiday lights atop bushes around pillars, posts, windows and even inside window boxes and planters.

Be Cautious When Installing Your Lights

Make sure that you use a good ladder when installing your Christmas lights. It is also recommended that you use insulated holders to secure your lights. Avoid using nails or tacks. You should also avoid installing your Christmas lights on trees that come in contact with power lines.

Always remember to test all of your bulbs to make sure that they are working properly before you install them. Lastly, you should never forget to turn your Christmas lights off when you leave or go to bed.

Keep Your Extension Cords Out of the Way

Before you purchase an extension cord, make sure that they are rated for outdoor use and remember to keep the connections above the ground or snow. You should also avoid installing the extension cords in high-traffic areas. Use the correct length needed to travel your lights since long extension cords can create walking hazards in your home.

Working with professional and experienced roof contractors can make your holiday lights more charming and outstanding in your neighborhood. Crown Remodeling is your trusted roofing contractor in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Talk to us today and let us help you with your roof repairs and replacements.

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