Huge Siding Job For An Investment Property

huge siding jobTranscript:

– [Jeff] I am the President, CEO, and Founder of Crown Remodeling, LLC, and today we are going to talk about exterior.

I want to do this a little differently today. This is a big job that we need to go over in detail, it’s huge.

Stucco has to be removed before adding new siding

Stucco. Stucco is like a painted, cement-based foam. Before we can start anything on this home, we have to take off this stucco, make sure all the wood behind it is replaced if any is rotten. We have to apply the underlayments which, of course, is your tyvek, your insulation barrier, insulation board, which not only insulates the house but it also straightens out the walls so you have a straight run with your siding.

This bay window, when we’re done, is going to look absolutely amazing.

We are going to wrap all the exposed wood in vinyl-covered aluminum.

We are going to do the same with all these windows over here. We’re going to replace the shutters. We’re going to replace the gutters with six-inch gutters and downspouts. We are going to replace all the soffit, which is your ventilation.

And then, as we walk around the home…

And this is also your stucco. So, the stucco was around the whole entire house. We are going to repair and replace all the rotten wood here on this garage door. We are also going to cap it, the same way we’re going to do with the bay window.

It’s important to use a special tool to create a clean brake

So, what we do is we bring a…what’s called a “brake” in my business. It bends the metal and creates straight lines so you can, essentially, create a mold going around this frame, so it looks brand new and it becomes maintenance-free. That’s what people want today, they want to become maintenance-free. They don’t want to have to paint, they don’t want to have to deal with cleaning it. They just want to put it on and forget about it.

So, if we go to the rear of the house, we are doing the same thing back here. We have the stucco again. We’re going to wrap all the windows, replace all the soffit, six-inch gutters and downspouts. Sorry about the noise, we have a lot of construction going on here, as you can see.

Right here, we’re going to do something very nice. We are going to put a dark cherry tongue-and-groove wood all the way down this way.

And, if you follow me over here… Good morning.

– [Man] Hey, what’s up, guys? How are you doing? It’s all good.

– We’re going to replace all the metal, obviously siding, six-inch gutters and downspouts. We are going to repair everything on this half-moon window up here before we start with any caulk or any repairs. All this is going to be gorgeous siding, of course with your underlayments, your tyvek, insulation board, siding.

And then, if you keep on following me around here…

You can see there’s exposed wood on these two windows, especially in the middle. That has to all be repaired and replaced before it can be done properly.

Unfortunately, this cannot be repaired, this wood frame right here. This is not repairable. So, what we have to do is, we have to order a new window, install it properly, and do it right. So, once we do that, we can put in a new window frame and keep it moving from there, but that’s all going to be done at the same time we start the siding job, which is next Monday.

As we continue to walk around, it’s going to be all siding, all new trim on your rake boards. Your gable there, that’s all going to be new metal.

As you can see, he has a lot of missing soffit up top here. That’s all going to be taken out and redone with new material. Unfortunately, he has another broken window here. Usually, you can replace the glass, but we don’t want to do that. We want to give him a new window, we want to do it right.

And, if we keep on moving around to the front…

This is the end of the job here. We are going to do the siding and trim as well.

I did forget one thing in the front, so follow me. This is very important.

Azek composite board instead of capping. That creates CURB APPEAL!

This is what you call Crown Remodeling Signature Service, okay? Right here. Most companies would cap this piece here with vinyl-covered aluminum, and it’s okay. It’s the cheap way out of it. But Crown Remodeling Signature Service, we’re not going to cap that. We are going to put up there what is called Azek composite board, maintenance-free. Once we put it up there, the customer will never have to deal with it again. It also creates curb appeal. This particular investor is trying to sell this home, so he needs to create curb appeal. So, these are little things that we do to try to help the customer to sell their home, and to make the home pop. It is going to be absolutely amazing when we’re done. I think my jaw is going to hit the ground when I see the completion on this.

I’ll see you Monday.

– Okay. Have a nice weekend.

– You too.

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