Walkthrough Of A Total Renovation Of An Investment Property

Total renovation of an investment propertyTranscript:

A little shadow puppet action. Like to keep it fun here at Crown Remodeling. (Sometimes we like to start off our videos with something silly)

Just to give you a little synopsis of what we’re doing. We are doing a full paint job, new granite counter tops, new appliances, new doors, new hardware, new carpet, new lighting, the whole nine yards.

So, this is an investment property for a customer that he’s going to flip when we’re done.

There was carpet down here on the floor. We had to prep the floors. Take out the staples.

All the walls we had to prep first before you can paint. It takes about three days of prepping to get the walls straight. Get the holes out, the whole nine yards, before you can start painting.

We’re going to put crown molding all the way around the wall.

Hey guys.

We cover the floor so nothing gets dripped on the flooring.

We’re going to paint these, put crown molding on as well.

Same with the second bedroom. This is going to need some TLC. Purple walls is going to take a couple coats of paint.

And right behind you is the third bedroom. As you can see the floors are still very cared for. Same thing with the walls here. We’re going to put a new bathroom in here.

And this place, just to let you know, was a disaster. Let me show you the kitchen, then we’ll lead down to the basement.

So, in the kitchen it’s going to be all new appliances. The granite counter top is coming on Wednesday. New flooring. All new paint. Crown molding.

And let’s head down to the dungeon. And this is going to be really cool because we are building another full bath down here. So down here we’re going to lay carpet. Obviously, we’re going to fix the dropped ceiling. This is all going to be painted.

And in here, let me pop the light on for you, in here we are going to frame a wall right here and we are putting a full bathroom down here. Stand up shower, bathtub, vanity, sink, the whole nine yards. So, we’re going to put a new utility tub. Just a single sink and when we’re done with this place it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous.

What are investors who flip houses most concerned with?

Future investors can’t find a good, reliable contractor. So, for instance, our guys are in here, they’re working and they’re not going to leave until this place is done. So as you can see with the property behind me, our guys are in there now. We’re going to knock it out from the painting, the flooring, the granite countertops, plumbing, electric, get in and get out.

What sort of mistakes do many contractors make?

Contractors taking on more than they can handle is a lot of complaints that we get. I go on estimates all the time and if I don’t feel comfortable about doing a job, I will turn it down. Because whether a customer is spending a dollar with us or $10,000 or $100,000 dollars, they get that same amount of TLC from me, myself, project managers, whatever the case may be.

Other than doing my day to day office chores, I also check out every job that we do. I like to go meet and greet. I like to shake customers’ hands. I like to thank them for their business because in the state of Maryland there’s over 100,000 licensed contractors. Why are they going to go with Crown Remodeling? They’re going to go with Crown Remodeling because of that personal touch.

Me, as the owner, I care about every customer. I’m constantly in touch with my guys. They’re constantly in touch with me. They know what we expect at the company and they do it right the first time, so we don’t have to go back for warranty issues and things of that nature.

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