Remodeling a Home on Nicodemus Road in Reisterstown Maryland

Remodeling a home on Nicodemus Road in Reisterstown MarylandTranscript

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Reisterstown, Maryland, Nicodemus Road. Another renovation in progress, let’s walk through.

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This place is going to be modernized for 2017 specs, so follow me.

Remodeling the kitchen is so important when renovating a home

As we walk in, this used to be the kitchen and per the investors, they want the kitchen now over there. So over here is now where the kitchen’s going to be. So this is going to be where all your plumbing is going to be ran, your microwave, your oven, your sink, and everything else that you have in a kitchen.

Dark wood floors are very in right now, and they are gorgeous

As you can see, all the drywall is torn down, we are going to put ceramic tile flooring here in the kitchen. These existing wood floors that are here now, the customers want us to refinish the wood floors and they want it to be a dark wood refinish.

So when we’re done these, they’re going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Before you can rebuild, you have to demolish

Follow me here back to the bedrooms and the bathroom. This used to be a working bathroom. Now it’s a demolished bathroom that we’re going to totally rebuild and it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous when we’re done.

Same thing with the wood floors in the bedrooms, they want everything refinished dark wood, of course, all the painting, crown molding, new fans, new doors, new hardware, new windows.

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Good ductwork is key and that’s why it’s important to contract the work to an awesome HVAC company

Second bedroom right behind you, and I want to show you some of our ductwork that we did with our HVAC guy, he did an amazing job to hide this ductwork.

So if you come into here, you can see where he ran the duct. That is very good work, nobody would ever know where the ductwork is, it’s completely hidden.

Basements can be turned into amazing spaces

And there is a basement to this place. The basement is going to be turned into a separate living quarter so I just want to give you a little description before we head down there. We are turning the back room into a bedroom, we are totally ripping out the existing bathroom and putting in a new bathroom, we are drywalling the whole place, painting, carpeting, everything you can imagine in a luxury rehab from the Renovation Kings. So follow me. And as we make our way down to the basement, say “Hello” to Kramer and here we go.

So let’s start right here in the existing bathroom and where the laundry room is with the washer and dryer. So as we make our way back, you can see this place is pretty dated. So all this is coming out, we are doing the same thing we did on one of our other renovations. We’re going to frame that wall here, make this into a gorgeous master bath for the living quarters down here.

Behind here is where the dishwasher and washing machine is if you can get the camera back there.

Turning the basement into another living quarter is a common practice

And then if we make our way back out into the main area, this is all going to be turned into a living quarter, it’s going to be gorgeous. We’re going to put drywall all the way around, on the ceiling, this is all going to be closed off and finished. This is going to be part of the living quarter so there is going to be a full working kitchen down here, drywall all the way around of course. We’re going to finish the ceilings, we’re going to put recessed lighting in and if you come back here, this is the bedroom I was talking about.

So we are going to frame out a wall right here, and this is going to be an amazing master bedroom with a huge master closet when we’re done. This is where the oil tanker used to be, which was a bear to get out, but that’s what the customers wanted.

Master bedroom with huge closet

What happens in the event of a fire in the basement?

Basements, what happens if you have a fire and you need to get out quickly?

– [Man] Pay attention, here comes a lesson.

– You need to put an egress window in here. What is an egress window? So this window is going to come out, this is very important now because this is code, it has to be done. So an egress window is an escape route from a basement. So the egress starts about right here, and it goes about to right here. God forbid there is an emergency, a fire, a break-in, whatever the case may be. When you have to get out quickly the egress window pushes out and allows you to escape quickly. Kaboom.

Egress Windows Fire Code

Basements are great for storage

Back to the bathroom… the living quarters, it’s going to be a beautiful bedroom with a master closet. Over here, is where the water filter is for their well water to keep the drinking water very clean, we’re going to block this off as a very nice storage area.

French doors can transform a space

There is one more piece of the home that I want to show you, it’s the garage and the breezeway leading into the garage. We’re going to rebuild that as well with two beautiful French doors and that’s that, so follow me upstairs. If we go out this way…this is the breezewood that the current customers want to take down all this dated stuff and they want us to frame it out with beautiful French doors and right behind you as well, it looks the same way. And the garage, we’re just going to rewire pretty much and hang some lights, and that’s that.

So I want to thank you for watching this video. We are known as the Renovation Kings and we get things done at Crown Remodeling so, have a good one.

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