Investment Property Total Renovation – Completed Job


Okay. Ready for a shock and awe? Remember this? Last month when we took the Before video? Come one in.

We Did A Huge Amount Of Exterior Remodeling

Let’s start with the outside. New shutters, six-inch gutters and downspouts, new screen door, new trim around the doorway.

We Did A Ton Of Interior Remodeling

Come on in. This particular customer had a budget that we stayed in. We actually saved them a little money. Let’s walk in, it’s going to be good stuff. I’m pumped up. So, as you can see from the Before pictures and the After, it came out absolutely amazing. I think when we were talking last month, I was telling you about the crown molding that we were going to put up. We’re going to put crown molding all the way around the wall, remember that? I was talking about the preparation for the walls Before you can paint, it takes about three days of prepping to get the wall straight, get the holes out, the whole nine yards. Before you can start painting, you have to prep to make it look absolutely perfect like this.

Before and After Walls Remodeling

The Wood Floors Were Completely Cleaned Up

These wood floors were a disaster when we took up the carpet. There was probably three different colors of paint, there were staples, there were nails, there were screws in this wood floor when we took up the carpet. Our cleaning people, the wonderful staff at Crown Remodeling just made it look absolutely gorgeous.

And, as we go in here, where the lighting’s a little better, you can really see the amazing paint job we did here. Look at this crown molding, look at the trim, the attention to detail. You can’t even see the seams where my guys made their angle cuts.

And let’s walk back here. We have a gorgeous new bathroom. I’m going to let you go in there, camera guy. New vanity, new floor.

Carpeting In The Bedrooms Makes The Place Nice And Cozy

As we go into these bedrooms over here, I don’t know if you remember the walls but check it out now. And we also put carpet down here, so this carpet turned out absolutely gorgeous. Ceiling, I mean, that’s just beautiful paint work that we did here.

These customers are super excited. They’ll probably sell this place in two seconds.

Lighting’s a little bad in here. We did the same thing here, new flooring, all the paint, all the trim.

Like Nearly Every Home, The Kitchen Is One Of The Most Important Rooms

And, if we backed up a little bit, let’s head to the kitchen. Everybody loves a beautiful kitchen, and so do I, so let’s check this out. The kitchen. We redid the floors, we put in new appliances, new granite countertop, new lighting, paint. Doing a little cheating here. Check it out.

Okay, the basement. Who remembers the basement? I think last time we were here, there was no bathroom in the basement. Does my audience remember that? Yeah? Okay, good. Wait until you see what we did. We turned nothing into something, so follow me. I’m going to save the best for last. So let’s check out this basement, I know everybody remembers what this used to look like. It was a disaster.

So down here, we’re going to lay carpet. Obviously we’re going to fix the drop ceiling. This is all going to be painted. And look at it now, check out one of these bedrooms. Lighting’s pretty bad in there, so you can just stay out here. But we did the flooring, we did the painting, obviously.

Now, before we go into door number three, I want you to see the utility room, to see where we built out that bathroom. So I’m going to save this door for last. Come follow me.

We Added A Wall

All right. Who remembers this? I do. So I don’t know if you remember me talking about this on camera last month, but this wall did not exist. Do you remember that? We are going to frame a wall, right here. So now there’s a wall here. You can see our beautiful shoe molding down there. Okay? And behind door number one, we’ll call it number one, is a gorgeous master bath. Okay?

And We Added An INCREDIBLE New Full Bathroom

We put a new utility tub in, and now we’re going to go by behind door number one. I am so excited to show you this, and you’re going to be excited, too. I’m not even going to go in. Go ahead and take a look. Do you remember that? Is that absolutely amazing from what it was? It was nothing, no bathroom existed. This is all brand new.

So what this does is it allows the investor to now sell this place as a one…two…four bedroom, two and a half bath. Before they contracted Crown Remodeling, they could only sell it as a four bedroom, one and a half bath, so it’s going to increase the value that they can ask for this house, probably by around $40,000.

New Full Bathroom

But let’s take a look one more time. This bathroom is absolutely amazing, and they have a full working shower, okay, brand new commode, vanity.

We also put a new roof on this home. We put a 30-year architectural shingle on there. We actually promote TAMKO. They give great warranties, they’re a local company, and we have a great sales rep. So we also put a ridge vent up there for ventilation in the attic, keep the hot air out in the summer and keep the hot air in in the winter.

So I’m so proud of my men and women at Crown Remodeling. This one really turned out absolutely amazing. So I will see you in a couple weeks for the next one.

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