Restoration After A 120 Foot Oak Tree Crushes House

Restoration after 120 foot oak tree crushes houseTranscript:

Well, you can see how the tree just totally…I mean, even the mortar, even the brick. The 120-foot oak tree just came crashing down.

Around January 21st of 2017, a 120-foot oak tree came crashing down on these poor people’s home. And it took between January 21st and about three weeks ago to finally get the job approved with the insurance company to work with our public adjustor in our office, to go back and forth and get these homeowners everything they deserve per their homeowners’ policy.

There’s a lot of loopholes that the insurance company doesn’t want you to know, that we know because we have a certified public adjustor who works out of our office.

Before rebuilding, we had to remove the asbestos

This home was built in the ’60s, and it was full of asbestos. So the reason why it took so long to get it approved with the insurance company is because we were going back and forth with the codes, the federal laws, the state laws, that the asbestos had to come out first in order for us to do anything.

So let’s walk inside.

And the asbestos has been removed. And now, it is stripped down to the bare bone because we had to get the asbestos out.

And now, we’re going to start to rebuild.

So the before and after pictures are going to totally blow your mind when we’re done rebuilding this home, and here we go.

So federal and state law, you have to take out asbestos. There has to be a government certified agency that comes and does what’s called a hygienist test. Once we get the hygienist report back and we submit it to the proper government agencies, then this place is ready to start rebuilding drywall, paint, flooring, bathrooms, new roof, new everything.

Everything’s out, from the kitchen to the kitchen cabinets. And all this white stuff that you see all over the walls and the two by fours, this kills all mold and all asbestos. So the federal agency, once they come in here to do their report, it’s nothing but clean air, as you can smell now.

With a new roof, the interior work can begin

So the whole structure of the place has been beaten up. And if you come down here, you actually see where the tree hit.

It hit in this room down here. And because it hit in this room down here and we had to make a temporary roof, the water just poured into the whole place like a river.

This is all temporary, believe it or not. This was not here, hence the blue tarp that’s covering it.

Well, you can see how the tree just totally…I mean, even the mortar, even the brick. The 120-foot oak tree just came crashing down. And we will replace the roof.

You never do interior work if there’s a roof leak because everything will get ruined again.

So in about two weeks, the trusses should be here with a crane. The roof will be done, and then, we’ll get our guys in here and knock this place out, so yeah. That’s why you need somebody who knows what they’re doing to advocate for you, for your insurance company.

And we have a public adjustor on the payroll. 

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