Storm Damaged House Repaired After Tree Falls On It

Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes. From hurricanes and tornados to catastrophic ice storms, it seems like you can’t turn on the news without Mother Nature trying to attack us from all sides. And so it was with one set of homeowners who had a 120-foot oak tree crash into their home with such force that it cracked the foundation.

Foundation of House Cracked

Foundation of House Cracked

You may have seen what we were working with when we came in and began this remodeling project. If not, go check out our video to see how far this project has come.

We could have just put everything back together the way it was.

But why?

This Restoration Became A Full-Scale Remodel

Due to the structural damage in the home, our first step was to call in a structural engineer who could tell us the best way to go about repairing the foundation. Regardless of how great the finished product looked, we had to begin with making sure this house was structurally sound. Once necessary foundation repairs were made, we were off to the races.

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First thing, we installed a heavy gauge steel front door. Not only does the red color make it pop, but the structure also helps secure the home in a way that wood doors just can’t match.

More than anything, the homeowner wanted more light. We gave it to them in the form of Energy Star glass skylights, a cathedral ceiling and two triple-paned sliding doors in the main living space.

Skylights and Sliding Doors

Skylights and Sliding Doors

Not only does this add a lot of natural light to the home, but the higher ceilings also make space seem much larger even though the footprint has not changed.

From there, you head into the kitchen.

storm damage tree repair progress 1

Something simple like opening the doorway into the kitchen has added a sense of flow between the main living room and the kitchen area. However, creating a cathedral ceiling and adding another skylight in the kitchen will make it a warm and inviting space once the cabinetry and countertops are in place.

We installed double paned Energy Star windows with double locks, security tabs and easy to clean releasing springs. Not only do these windows add security to the home, but they will also lower the home’s energy costs in the years to come. As a bonus, the release tabs on the top of the windows make it possible to clean the exteriors from the inside of the house. No more ladders, no more feats of strength to try to keep the windows clean.

Looking Ahead

We still have a lot of work to do before the homeowners can move back in. With finish carpentry, trim, paint, floors, and installing the rest of the windows and doors on our to-do list, December 1st is an aggressive timeline.

storm damage repair timeline

Once the homeowners move back in, we will still have a lot of work to do in the basement and on the exterior of the home before it is considered a finished product. However, we are committed to doing it right and ensuring the homeowners are delighted with their new space.

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